Lid Open....AGAIN!

We have had this issue before in the past…we received the error message “LID OPEN.”

After reading through forums and reaching out to Customer Service, it was determined that we needed to replace the black cable in the back/inside lid of machine. After only a few months, the “LID OPEN” error message is back.

Does anybody have any advice or troubleshooting ideas that we can try? We have a lot of orders that need to be done in the coming days and we do not have 5-10 business days to wait for a new cable.

UGH! Please help.

Hey not really a way to help your current problem, but i was curious when you open the GF lid do you open it up till the lid stops or just enough to remove the piece from the bed/ have it stay open?

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Generally, we open the lid fully, before removing any printed/cut items inside GF.

When I had to replace my black cable, I also had to replace the left LED strip.

I got that message as well, and discovered the cable from the lid camera to the left LED strip wasn’t inserted correctly. You might want to carefully check that connection.


Thanks, Martha.

We are going to retrace our steps from the last time this happened and make sure that nothing is loose.


Ah, from reading the posts about the black cable issues one thing that tends to exacerbate issues with it is opening the lit to its fullest extent. I usually only open mine around 45 degrees so that it will put less stress on the cable. its not a great design so i change my habits to give it the best chance of lasting. When you get your new one which it seems you may need a new one i would adopt that practice and and see if you get more use out of it. Hope that will help in the future.


I’m so sorry to hear about the lid open message. I see you’ve already emailed us about this and I have just followed up with your next steps to get this resolved quickly, so I’m going to close this thread.