Lid Open and purple light upon start up

Hi All,
I run my school’s makerspace and recently received a lid open error that won’t go away. I have been working with customer support, but do to hybrid learning, only have limited access to the machine, so I am hoping to get some ideas from the forum in the interest of time (we’re on the east coast) instead of having to wait a week between fix attempts. I have replaced the black lid cable, cleaned everything out, and I am still getting the lid open error and the button flashes purple when I start up the machine, then goes to nothing. Any advice?

Hi @ecass! For future reference, posting in Problems and Support actually opens a support ticket, so your thread here will get closed as they have to resolve the duplicates to keep the queue clear. I’m not sure we can help with a purple light, though – that’s usually an error that requires support involvement to figure out. :frowning:

Hi @ecass. Thank you for reaching out through Chat earlier. As mentioned, I am going to follow up through your opened email ticket to address the next steps. To avoid any confusion or miscommunication, I will go ahead and close this forum thread. Thank you!