Lid Open Error - Help

Saturday I was making my cuts for the morning and on the second cut it stopped and gave me the lid open error. I followed all the steps to make sure nothing was blocking the magnets. I cleaned the machine, removed the crumb tray and nothing helped. The lights on each side light up, but it acts like the lid is open. I ordered a new strip for the lid and thanks to the fulfillment company it came bent in half so needless to say that did nothing to help. I have a lot of orders to fulfill and am stuck with no machine. I have had my Pro for less than a year. Any other options on what can be done? Do you think I will have to send it back?

Hello @janelletrentham - Since we’ve begun to discuss this issue via your email ticket I’m going to go ahead and close this topic to keep our communications clear and to a single avenue.

Thanks for reaching out.