Lid Open Error (Not Actually Open)

Struggling with an issue where my GF Plus is reading the lid as open even though its closed. I’ve explored the issues spoken of in earlier posts from other users. examined all of the connections, cleaned, restarted multiple times. Got it to work for an 18 minute cut and looks like it got through about 13 minutes of the cut before the error came up again. Can anybody help with this? Is this happening to anybody else?

Support will likely need clear pictures of the connectors where the black lid cable connects. Sounds like it needs to be replaced.

ah yes, will take photos of connections then too and post shortly

well a bit of egg on my face here. did another clean, this time with a little more oomph and its working pretty good now. will keep an eye on it and hopefully it holds but will check back into this thread should that error come up again.

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I’m sorry that you ran into a lid open error with your unit. Thank you for the update that you were able to get back up and printing after additional cleaning. Has the trouble reoccured again after using your unit a bit more?

It’s been working fine for a few cuts now. Will keep an eye on it and circle back should anything come up! Thanks!

Thank you for letting us know. Since everything is working well, I’m going to close this post.

If the trouble reoccurs, please start a new post or reach out at We’ll be happy to continue investigating.