Lid Open Error

Okay, we used the pass through a few days ago and now when we go to do a normal print we are getting this Lid Open message, even when the lid is closed.

I’ve searched the forum and tried just about everything suggested:

  • Opened the lid, turned off the machine, turned on the machine with the lid open and then closed.
  • Removed and Re-secured the pass through openings.
  • We cleaned the machine bed, lens, and camera
  • Reset the router
  • Refreshed and turned off/on the machine and computer
  • Opened the app page in a new window
  • Checked to make sure all ribbons are secure
  • Just let the machine sit on with the lid closed and with the lid open
  • And emailed support

Not sure what else to try or if there is something else to try. I’m worried we might have to send it back and hopping that is not the case.

Any insight is appreciated!

Make sure that the front drop down door is pushed all the way back. There are a couple of magnetic locks in there that have to engage…it can look closed and not be closed enough to engage those locks.

If you put the front shield back on,it might be interfering with the front door closing all the way - tighten down the screws and make sure it is completely tight against the door.

Same for the lid. After you check the front door, check that the lid is all the way down. Wiggle it.

That’s about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, just checked again - everything was secure. I’m thinking there might be an issue with the camera too. The bed isn’t refreshing, but that might be because it says the lid isn’t closed.
We took the front shield off and closed the lid, but still getting the lid open error. Any other ideas?

Thanks again!

Other than closing the front gate first, pushing really hard to make sure that it is completely closed, followed by closing the top lid…nope, I’m out of ideas.

Maybe you could refresh your browser and clear the cache.

What happens when you turn the machine off and back on? Is the status changing in the UI from lid open to offline?

When turned off it will go from offline to lid open, but I’m not getting any other messages.

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Just cleared my cache - no luck. :frowning:

You can check the clearance issues by taking out the crumb tray. At least eliminate one possibility.

Thanks, that was one for the first things we did!

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That rules out any communication issues (that’s good for at least ruling things out).

Have you seen this post (below)? It has a few pictures you can compare to as well as other advice (some of which you’ve already done).

Since you have already emailed support, they’ll likely close this post and address your ticket via email (both methods create support tickets, so you have duplicate tickets open now).

Yeah, this was actually the first thing we did when we were trouble-shooting. There are few threads with this issue, it looks like some of them had to be resolved with them actually sending their machines back.

They did, unfortunately. Confirming that everything looks like it should, according to the pictures, will help support with whatever the next steps may be - and speed along a resolution.

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Thanks for the help in this thread, everyone. @mwabbott6, we received your email about this already and I’m following up now. I’m going to close this thread now so we can continue to troubleshoot via email.