Lid open failure, cable failure

I’ve run into the same problem as others where I’m getting the “lid open” error. All of the usual issues have been checked and it was running fine with the just previous order. I’ve preemptively ordered a new cable, but we all know how slow shipping is for those items. Any other fixes or tricks to try while waiting for orders to get around to showing up would be helpful.

A list of what you’ve done would help narrow down any additional guidance. There are several potential fail points that could cause this, such as the following:

There are these connections on either side of the lid, which as you can tell by my picture, can get gunked up, fried, or have a loose connection

Similar to the last set, these can fail.

Then there is this board that takes all of the info from the lid and passes it along to the rest of the machine.

When cleaning any of these parts, it’s important to use electronic specific cleaners, or even just dry brushing and canned air. I live in a humid environment, and so the gunk that builds has become moist and fried components in my machine multiple times in the past. You may want to take pics of these areas and share them here to see if there is any obvious damage. Support will come along and specifically ask for certain pictures and the procedures on getting those pictures, but this is a good first step to start the process.

I should also add that these connections can be fragile, and handling them too.much may result in breaking something. I’ve done quite a bit of self repair to the machines that I own, so I’m comfortable removing and replacing parts, but if you aren’t comfortable with this sort of stuff, I’d suggest going slow and careful when poking around.


We’ve undone cleaned and replaced the connectors at the front of the lid. We’ve cleaned the connection points in the back as well as anything we could get to with regard to the belt. I was hesitant to try to remove and reattach those as I didn’t want to cause any harm. We’re not in a particularly difficult environment, but I do know our machine builds up residue. We tried the normal maintenance and cleaning as well. Making sure the magnet areas are cleaned, etc.

I see that you’ve also emailed us about this issue and I’ve just sent a response to you there. To avoid duplicate communication, I’m going to close this thread and will continue working with you over email.