Lid open message, dead in the water again!

Just before Christmas it has happened again!!! Is this a known design flaw??

I just read the tread on the lid open light. This has happened to me again. I have had a Pro replaced once for this same problem. I am terrified that this one might not be under warranty. Again I have checked and cleaned everything. It was just working and it just gave that lid open message.

I am making a Christmas gift and it is not done yet. I am hoping you have found a fix for this since my last pro did this.

Please grant my Christmas wish and get me back up and running!

Since I am guessing I will not hear from the support team until after Christmas or after News Years, if anyone has a tip I can try other than cleaning or making sure the door is really closed or turning it off unplugging then trying again, PLEASE let me know.

The communication from the magnetically actuated safety interlocks is through the ribbon cable on the lid that connects at the rear. If that connection is solid, and I was in a pinch like you are, I might see if strong magnets positioned where the lid meets the front door had any effect.
Good luck.

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.