Lid open signal is on but the lid is closed. Any ideas as to what is wrong?

I forged no problem and then the lid open signal came on and is still on but the lid is closed. I checked it carefully. Anyone have any solution for this issue? Let me know. Thank you. Diane

There are two sensors, one at each end of the lid, you can see the wires and connectors from the LED strips near the front handle. If those are ok and the lid is level with the side panels when closed, then it generally means the black lid cable is failing.


Thank you, I will check that. Hopefully that’s all it is.

hey ive had this issue several times. there is ways to check for proper troubleshooting. please look up lid open error in the search area. There will be steps to properly trouble shoot this.

Also check your black lid cable in the back. if the door is open to widely it can stretch that cable make sure all tabs are closed on the black cable ( 3 tabs)


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