Lid Open staying yet its closed

Hello. I just put some material in my machine and now the “Lid Open” wont go away. I have restarted my wifi, restarted my computer, cleaned all the areas around the lid. I have wiped down the areas where the cable is.

The lights remain on when I close the lid.

Try opening the front door, inspecting for debris and then making sure it closes securely. Double check that your Glowforge is level.

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Just tried it, cleaned it out and still says lid open

I saw in one other support thread that support asked the user to remove the crumb tray, inspect all areas and then try to start up without the tray in. Maybe??

Same problem I have sounds like your lid cable is out as well.

Tried with no luck =/

FYI still waiting for a response since Thursday after it was confirmed is the black lid cable!

I was hoping I could do something else before having to replace it, but I’m thinking thats my best bet

Do you get a purple light when you first power up?

on the button? no my button doesn’t change a color at all it just stays dark. When I turn it off and on it lights up, makes the reving noise (sorry don’t know the tech terms lol) like it wants to go, then it does that clicking noise and stops and stays saying “lid open”

Same thing that mine is doing except when I power up I get a purple light. My GF started saying open lid Wednesday after a cut! Been down ever since with orders stacking up :-1:t2:

You think if I change the lid cable it should help?

What does the purple light mean?

Do you have an extra one?

I do have one here

Purple means recovery type mode! And yeah I would change it

Which I had one :point_up: :weary:

Follow the instructions they are located on the store spare parts-black lid cable. Hyperlink with information about replacing it.

a few months ago I went and ordered all the replacement parts they had available for the “in case”. I am going to change it now and HOPE it works =/

my machine is only almost 7 months old!