Lid Open tho lid is closed

I’ve been using my GF this evening, and all of a sudden I’m getting a “Lid Open” indicator, when in fact, the lid is closed. I’ve checked, double checked, rebooted the GF, rebooted my laptop… all to no avail. Before this happened I’d been prompted reconnect my GF to the network several times, (hadn’t had to do that since I first got my machine). HELP! I love my GF, and I cry when things go awry! Well, I cry on the inside.
PS, Oh, and just FYI, when I fist got my GF I noticed that the right front edge of the lid didn’t seem to close flush with the corresponding edge. Now it closes flush, but the opposite, back left edge didn’t flush in that corner, and the front left has some resistance when closing. Not sure if this is germain to the problem, but just so’s you know. It’s been sitting on the same, firm surface since day 1.

A couple things I’d check would be how level and flat is your Glowforge. There is a certain amount of flex in it and it shows up as wonky fit issues if not perfectly flat. Also make sure your dropdown front door is snapped all the way up in place. And that the cable on your lid is fully inserted.


Thanks for the suggestions, cynd11. I tried them, made sure the GF is level, (there was a time when it wasn’t level back when, but that was back then and I rectified it and have used it lots since). I’ve also checked the front dropdown, it seems fine, and the cables all seem to be snapped into place. :confused: HHmmnnnn… what to do, what to do…

It’s most often caused by a cable failure. If you search this forum, you’ll find several threads discussing this and asking for info.

Yeah, it sounds like a lid cable issue to me too. There is a checklist to run through to eliminate other causes here…it speeds things up for Support, so it’s a good idea to get the tests out of the way ahead of time.

Went through all of the above suggestions by Jules, (you ROCK!) but to no avail. Still the same thing. Should I contact support, or will they see this at some point? I get confused as to how these things should go. Thanks!

Posting here is the same as emailing, it opens a support ticket.

Yeah, it doesn’t speed anything up to email them again…keeping to one ticket is fine. They’ll see it when they check in and it goes into the queue. Here they already know that you have checked for everything else. They’ll look at the logs for your machine and let you know what they find, then close this and take it to email.

Thank you for checking out those things for us.

Since you’re still encountering issues, I’d like to offer you a replacement for your Lid Cable. I’m going to close this topic. I’ll follow up with you in an email with next steps.

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