Lid Open warning.........cleaned and checked all cables....still no luck

Yesterday the Lid open warning started showing.
Reviewed all the community boards recommending that I cleaned all areas, checked all cables, rebooted the router…but alas nothing.

Anyone figured out why this pops up?

The black cable at the back of the lid is a frequent source of those problems. It can be a cracked wire and a very episodic problem but will likely get worse over time. It can be replaced without shipping it back to the Mothership but is very tricky so you really need for Support to look at the logs to see if that is the source of the problem.

Thank you. I’ve ordered a replacement cable. Fingers crossed that fixes the problem.

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There is information in the logs that Support can see that would narrow the problem. I would wait to go ahead till you hear from them. I would not take the risk of replacing the cable unless I was sure it was necessary. There is nothing wrong with having an extra as they do go bad easily. Also knowing that it is a point of failure, to treat it with care so not to strain it as much as possible.

Hello! @karl2 I’m so sorry for the trouble you are having with the Lid Open Error. I will do my best to get this resolved. I have a few steps for you to help me narrow down the problem.

Could you do the following for me?

  1. Power off your Glowforge

  2. Open the lid and front door of your Glowforge

  3. Remove your crumb tray

  4. Check for and remove any debris that may prevent the front door from closing properly, particularly the area underneath the front door

  5. Close the front door and lid

  6. Power your Glowforge back on

  7. If you’re still receiving the Lid Open message without the crumb tray installed, please take a look at the following photos and let me know anything looks different. If you see anything that looks different, please take a picture and send it to us. Also, if the lights on the lid of your Glowforge are not lighting up, please let me know.

​ ​

​ ​

If everything looks fine and you’re still seeing the error then replacing the Black Lid Cable that you just purchased will be the next best step. Either way let me know how it goes and I will be happy to continue troubleshooting!

Hello, New part arrived this morning and we just put it on. Doing a test cut. All looks good. Thank you for checking in. Really appreciate it.

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@karl2 I am so glad everything is now working. I’m going to go ahead and close the forum post. If you do have any further issues please create a new forum post or send us an email.