Lid Open when it is not. Dead in the water!

I need to get back to work. I had just started a print and it suddenly stopped. The screen says Lid open but it is closed. I have cleaned everything I can think of that might have anything to do with the lid sensors.

I have linked two videos

Please help me soon, I have orders with deadlines.
I love this tool but it is frustrating not to be able to use it.

Check to make sure the front drop-down gate is pushed all the way back. (I’ve had it happen.)

I tried that after I read your advice on another post. Still no go.

If you have a Pro you might want to check the safety shut off link near the power switch to make sure it’s installed all the way. Not sure whether it gives the same error when pulled but it acts the same or similar as when the door is opened.

I checked this too but I am not sure if it is the way it should be.

it doesn’t seem to push in or pull out

No that’s the way mine looks. As long as it’s below the surface level of the case…hard to tell from the pic.

Check the wiring connector on the back of the lid.

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the bar part is not below the surface, but it will not push in by hand.

No the bar sticks out just a little, it’s probably set.

oops looking at the wiring connector and saw this. Is it just me or does the glass tube look broken!

What would cause this??? it was printing then just stopped!

Just deleted that - I’m not sure that spot is supposed to be connected…I can’t tell on mine. How did you get that picture? Is that on top of the tube or underneath it?

It wasn’t too hot. I had just turned it on and our living room is cool. This really sucks, I have an order to fill.

top right

On mine that is underneath the tube, so I can’t really see it too well. At first I thought that yours was disconnected, but mine doesn’t look like it’s connected either, and i can’t get underneath it with a mirror to make sure.

It might be okay, but you’ll need to wait to hear from support. Sorry. I don’t know.

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Thanks Jules and everyone. Anyone have any idea how long it will take for support to get back to me?

Unfortunately, it’s a weekend. You might want to notify your client that there might be a delay. :neutral_face:

I’m so sorry to hear you’re having problems. I’m still reviewing the data from your Glowforge but I wanted to ask if you could do the following for me:

  1. Power off your Glowforge
  2. Open the lid and front door
  3. Remove your crumb tray
  4. Close the front door and lid
  5. Power your Glowforge back on
  6. Let me know if you’re still receiving a Lid Open message
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Hi Jae,
Thanks for responding. I did what you asked and it still says lid open. Did you see the pictures of the tube do they look ok to you?