Lid Open when it is not. Dead in the water!


I just took a look at my tube. Yours appears to be normal. The spiral portion of the tube has an open end about 1/2 a turn after the small tube that connects the spiral to the main tube.

The door interlocks are most likely based on magnetic sensors, because the manual warns that magnets can accidentally create false indications of door status. There are a pair of magnets that are brought close together when the front tray door is closed. I’d check too see if there is something causing them to stay too far apart. I’ve only had a door open error one and it was because the magnets were slightly separated.


Thanks Mike!!! I was scared it was broken.


Have you tried Jae’s suggestion? I don’t suppose you have any magnets stored anywhere near the edges of the front door?


I tried Jae’s suggestions, no change. No magnets anywhere. Thanks for the brainstorming.


The only other thing I can think of is the magnets that are inset into each side of the front door. Are they both there?


The magnets are still there.


Since everything seems ok with the Glowforge itself, maybe it’s an app issue. Try logging out and closing everything and then log back in. Maybe try a different browser. Just throwing a few ideas out there.


I tried closing everything more than once. I will try again in the morning. Thanks


This is a long shot, but, maybe try clearing your browser cache. Possibly the lid open was solved earlier by you pushing harder on the doors, but the app is still stuck on the error message.


Have you checked to see if your unit is completely level?

I was having the same issue and it turned out that my surface wasn’t completely flat. It came on slowly, not all at once.

At first I solved the issue by taping down the lid to get the immediate print finished, then I fixed the uneven surface and no more problems.


Thanks @tmarsh86, that’s a great suggestion.

@nancielaing , each Glowforge unit is tested on a flat granite slab, so typically making sure the surface is flat assists with the lid closing easily. Would you try a few more things:

  • Reboot the device you’re using to connect to, then sign in again at
  • Open the lid of your Glowforge
  • Open the front door of your Glowforge
  • Check for debris or dust that might interfere with the door closing.
  • If you have Pro Shields installed, please temporarily remove the front shield
  • Close both the front door and the lid.
  • Try inserting a spacer - for example 20 sheets of copy paper - under the center of the printer and checking the app to see if it still says “Lid Open” . If that doesn’t help, try moving the spacer to either edge. Let us know what happens.


Hi Rita,
I have restarted everything. I cleared my browser cash. I have opened closed and reopened and closed all doors and lids.

Also, my unit is on the same table it has been on for months. I used a level to see if any part of it is not level and it is perfectly level.

I am on a Mac and I use chrome, but I have tried to log on from safari. Both browsers show the last proof grade I had in my GF, but nothing is in there now. Both say lid open.

When I turn on the unit even before I go to the app, it is not going through the usual start up calibration routine.

Now what should I try?


a weekend lost


I am so sorry for the trouble @nancielaing. When you opened and closed doors, did you try it with the Pro Shields removed?


Rita Staff
February 5

I am so sorry for the trouble @nancielaing When you opened and
closed doors, did you try it with the Pro Shields removed?

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Yes Rita, I just got the shields a few days ago but I have not installed them yet. I may not because I use the pass through. I hope there is a fix for this I am having Glowforge withdraws.


After thoroughly looking into this, we’ve found that your unit has a problem we can’t solve remotely. I suggest we proceed with a warranty replacement. I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details.

I’m so sorry you were down for the weekend and for the bad news.

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