“Lid open”

My glowforge has a problem with the lid sensor I assume. I tried all the required steps and it’s still recognizing the lid as open. I contacted glowforge, and purchased a new cable (the black strip that goes across the bottom of the lid and attached to the machine). I replaced the cable and this didn’t fix the issue. I contacted glowforge again to see if there are further steps to take or replacements I can purchase. They responded by telling me that there pretty much nothing they can do. I can pay to have it shipped for inspection, but they sounded pretty confident that the machine cannot be repaired. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?

As you’ve already been in touch with support I’m going to presume you’ve done all the cleaning/leveling/opening a 2nd window/clearing cache/etc. tips that have been suggested to other folks with the same issue

Since I’m also presuming you’re out of warranty, I’d take out the ribbon cable and on both ends check individual pins - and then with a flashlight and a contortionist check the receivers…if anything is bent out of place that could be your culprit

I saw somewhere (though I couldn’t find it this time) that someone “solved” that issue with magnets placed against the inside of the door (where the door magnets should be connecting)

Fingers crossed!


I hope you still have your box.

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Did the lights dim or go out? If they do then that cable is likely to be the issue It would be very disconcerting to have all the parts but one working. If the lights behave correctly then it is a fair chance the problem is elsewhere. It would be a good thing if someone could make use of good parts to replace bad ones in a cannibal process but without the information available to at least an authorized re-builder.

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