Lid unaligned/catching on one side

Hi, the lid of the glowforge has shifted towards the right and is catching to the side before closing. How can I sort this out please?

Again found the reason lol… just needed levelling to table.


Heh heh. I’ll bet Support would like it if everyone could answer their own questions like that.


I had the same issue on the left side and that’s what i had to do, level the table then level the GF. I cut the levelers out of medium draftboard…


I wish that Support would add leveling the machine to the setup instructions. After reading many times where the lid seemed slightly skewed (back in mid 2017), the first thing I did was get out the level when settling my Glow-Zomb in, and using plastic shims to get it perfectly level.

Glad you were able to quickly fix your problem! ;p


Prepare a Surface

Get a hard, flat, and stable surface ready. If the surface is unstable, uneven, or too small, then you could have inaccurate prints, the doors may not close properly, and the camera might be misaligned. You could even damage your Glowforge.


Yes, but no mention of actually leveling it with a level. I’ve been surprised at the amount of flex in desks and tables, so leveling with a level in as many directions as possible to get the best alignment just makes sense! I also close the lid gently and press both corners of the front edge down to make sure it is fully seated every time.


Just to clarify… Level is good but the real culprit is a non flat surface. Very few desks, tables, countertops are actually perfectly flat. Flat to the eye is not good enough.
Experiment at the corners with thin shims to adjust should the lid ever be out of alignment.




Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry you had some trouble with the lid, and I’m glad to hear you’ve already solved it!

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