Lid unglued on refurbished GF

My new GF was returned after 2 weeks of use due to a Lid Open error that could not be resolved.
Just got my refurbished GF replacement yesterday.
Unboxed it and went to take off the orange tape and the lid is unglued from the glass.
I have been without a functioning GF for almost a month now.
GF support, please help!

Oh, man… that sucks.

Although posting here opens a new support ticket, you might try replying to the previous emails you had with them as that goes on the previous ticket which might get you a faster response. With luck, they can send out another without having to wait for this one to be sent back. Still such a hassle!

Sorry about that.


Damn. Still have the foam in the bed. What a buzzkill!
Of little consolation I know, but many of us have had these functioning perfectly for years, whatever that’s worth in your frustrating saga.

It’s their obligation to get you a fully functioning machine, and I know they will. We look forward to what creations you share with us… if your patience holds. :unamused:


Ya it’s just been like a gigantic tease to watch everyone make all these awesome things and I’m over here like :anguished:.
I’m tired of seeing GF ads everywhere I go too haha just salt to my open wound.

Thanks for the reassurance though. I’m sure once I get a reliable machine I’ll be less envious lol.


Some of us, me among them paid in full and waited 2 years+ to be satisfied, but I can tell you from experience that all of the angst will instantly disappear - with hardly a scar.

If you are like I was with hardly a concept of anything to do with lasers or CNC - you have a great adventure in store. Welcome to the community :sunglasses:


Oh no! I’m so sorry to see that your replacement unit arrived in that condition. I have just replied to your email with the next steps to receive another unit.

We will continue to work on this with you there, so I’m going to close this thread.