Life Of The Cutting Surface/Bed

hi, im curious about life expectancy of the the honeycomb bed. is this a replacement part, does it flip over for a “double life” or does it essentially last for the life of the machine? Im so excited to get this machine and incorporate it in my jewelry business!

Interesting things you have on your website. Some are a bit creepy though. The real human Skull Bone, gives me the hibiby-jibies :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that it will last you forever. Just for the fact that the laser can’t cut through any kind of metal that thick (maybe some super thing foil), just engrave it. And even that with a marking compound.

Here’s a good link for info on these beds from a reddit thread.

Wondering if anyone knows a good source for a thinner (eg. 1/2" or less) replacement so thicker material can be used.

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yeah i do some unusual work…check the “about me” section. it describes how and why i do what i do more.

Wow, no comments for your original post, but I love your work! Those skull pendants are gorgeous. Are you planning on using your glowforge to cut or etch bone?

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thank you…i really love the work I do and meeting the people i have because of it. I also have done some interesting things with cremains for family pieces as well…i planned to experiment with etching my makers mark on the backs of my work. right now i takes 17 stamps to make my small insignia, id love if the etching will work well on gold and silver. but id also like to try etching on the bone as well. I planned on using the laser to cut intricate paper patterns that i then use in my rolling mill to pattern/texture silver sheet…make my own custom jewelry boxes, tags and display stands too. so many fun things to play with! I also sell stuff at :slight_smile:

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I believe the CO2 laser used in the Glowforge will not be able to significantly wear that bed, but it will need to be cleaned occasionally. I found some instructions to do so on someone’s Pinterest board, and have it on mine now too.’s-Vector-Cutting-Grid
There may also be instructions in the manual that comes with our Glowforges of course.

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I don’t know of a source for thinner honeycomb material, but was thinking that those non-stick silicone oven mats might be worth stacking in the bottom of the GF for thicker materials. Some on Amazon have 3-dimensional surfaces which look promising.

It might also be worthwhile to use the GF to cut up some thin plywood into an interlocking lattice of varying heights to set stuff on

Somehow I missed this post. The bed should last indefinitely. It’s made of laser-proof steel!

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well then that is a closed case haha…thanks @dan