Lifetime GF discount?

There was the crowdfunding campaign, which I took part in.

The post crowdfunding campaign, I think called per-release or something was not a good time for me to order another GF as I would wait over 2 years to get my FIRST unit - there was no way I would be able to tell if it did what it said it would do, I liked it, or could afford it.

I’m in the process of thinking about maybe getting a second unit - but the current pricing is not something I am sure if I am able to handle at the moment.

As a founder, wouldn’t it be nice if we had lifetime status? Say GF is around for many, many years… as the people who helped get the company off the ground it would be a nice gesture… as well as an incentive for lifelong customers.

Maybe 10% on all new hardware?

Take whatever % of the product that is allocated for marketing and erase that… as we wouldn’t need to be educated / marketed too / etc. as we already are owners! Split the different and I think GF would still have plenty of room to offer 10%. I think they would still even make good money and grow their base if they said that anyone buying in the next 2 years (non-founder, new folks, etc.) also gets a 5% discount on new hardware as a thank you for being a crowdfunded, grassroots, bootstrapped, independent company / small business.

Just my two cents. This is intended to be a positive discussion / brainstorm… not a criticism.





All for it (biased a bit, but who is keeping score)…
Also got some inspiration for more than a lame reply from @Jules.