Light bulb lamp shade!


Hi everyone!

Another project ongoing!

Will need 3 more of this!

I saw a photo of this one on Pinterest and I decided to model in 3D, send it to Fusion and did the cutting plans there!

Then, edited the plan in Illustrator adding the shape of a cup in the middle where the light bulb :bulb: will go!

I hope you all like it!


Ps.:the engraved logo is from the coffee shop they will go to!


Very cool!


Cute! You are really cranking out the projects and having fun!


Love the shape on those…and the logo looks good on it too! :slightly_smiling_face:


That is amazing… would you be willing to share the file? Would look great in my woodshop!


Reminder - forum rules prohibit asking people to give away their work. If they want to share the designs, they will post in the Free Laser Designs section.


Well, now that you mention it, Dan… he and I actually worked it out and I bought the plans from him. But now that I have your attention - any news about the air filters that are years past due? I know that I’m not the only one wondering about this…


News is in the latest update.

But, to get back on topic: Super well thought out design, @cordioli!