Light Connector

I’m guessing that this is what this part is called…
On the left side of my unit this connections has come loose… can someone guide me on what to do to get it back in place? Does it need to be replaced? Thanks for the help!

You’ve opened a support ticket by posting here. They will arrange getting the unit sent in for repair/replacement.

Looks like a cold solder joint during manufacturing. Arggh! If your Glowforge is out of warranty, maybe you can find someone to solder it back on? I’d could do it easily here—but I’m in La Jolla, CA and I’ll bet you’re not. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the info. I will have my son look at it, I’m in Texas so kinda a long road trip to get it to you!

The handle on your lid has come off, pulling that connection with it. So the handle needs to be glued back as well as the connection repaired.

If you’re able to get the front of the lid secured again, and plan to have someone repair the connection, you can refer to the one on the other side to see how it is mounted.

It’s the connector for one of the two lid sensors, by the way. The machine won’t operate with that connection broken, as it thinks the lid is open.

Hi @dianeivy - I see we’ve already been in touch with you on this issue via email, so to keep things tidy I’m going to go ahead and close this topic so we can finish up via that email thread.