[Light, Dark] Engrave (Expiring Soon)


Earlier today I started seeing this:


Now I’m seeing this:


I assume it’s related to the new changes, but @dan thinks that it may be abnormal and asked me to open a topic here…


Related to recent posted update.


I don’t know anything, but if I understood the update message correctly, your current picture was what I expected, so if Dan says it is unexpected, then I didn’t understand the update post.



I wonder if he wanted this ticket opened to indicate that the changes aren’t perfectly clear?


If I understood correctly your original post only showed the two expiring engrave options. Dan thought that was all you could see and therefore needed to open a problem report. Apparently you have everything, so no problem report needed.


I went and found what Dan said. He thought by the time you saw “Expiring soon” you’d also see the new options. Apparently not. No harm done other than some interim confusion. The final picture is the intended result. The other two settings will disappear in a week or two.


It wasn’t me… It was @pdobrien. :slight_smile:
I see the same thing he posted.


For a while, If you opened an old project, you would see @pdobrien 's first image (the light and dark engrave with expiring soon tags and not the new options). It seems to have been fixed now to show all the new options.


@markwal andn @rpeg are right - thanks all!

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