Light from Glowforge Commercial

Does anyone know where I can get the file for World globe carboard light shade from the Commercial?


I don’t believe they’ve loaded that one to the catalog yet, but can’t be sure since I don’t have access yet.

I hope we do get access to it one of these days…that one is one of my favorites as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


I looked through the catalog a couple days ago, and it was not one of the designs up there, yet. It will be some time, though.


Not going to hold my breath. The company has been unwavering in not providing information, support, or settings using non-Proofgrade materials. So unless they convert the design to work with Draftboard instead of cardboard would be surprised if it ends up in the catalog. At $4 a sheet and quite a bit heavier…


Ho…didn’t think of that.


Would need to look for the specific statement… but I am pretty sure we were promised free access to the designs of all projects in the original promo video.

It could have been worded such that “all designs from that video which are in the catalog anyway” are free… but what stuck in my head was “If we made it in the video, you get a design for it”

They COULD design the globe for Proofgrade plywood, and then we happen to decide to use cardboard instead. We would just have to figure out the cut settings for cardboard, since there are no engraves at all in the setup (well, there should be numbers to identify parts for assembly… those would be engraved). The main hurdle to make that globe is to get enough cardboard of consistent thickness. If using recycled stuff, that is unlikely to happen. So hit up a UPS store or something and buy a bunch of unused boxes of appropriate size.


As you know the Pre-Release users do not as yet have access to the catalog. But I just noticed that if you go to the Glowforge materials shop and select a material, scroll to the bottom of the page to see catalog designs intended to work with that material. Can’t actually select the designs but you get a quick preview of the stuff that is in the catalog.


I just ran through the catalog again, the cardboard globe lamp is not there, yet.


It’s not in the catalog as of now, as my kids are really wanting to make that!
We’ve had a great time with our glowforge so far. So if you’re waiting for yours, it’s worth the wait! Chocolate is a lot of fun! O
nly burnt a few Hershey bars so far…You have to cut them upside down though…


It will be there eventually. Sell them short-term on one of the other designs included in the video. The rocket is there, so could do that in chocolate like the video.

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Pulling this outta thin air and making it up (can’t beat 'em, may as well join 'em)

Maybe Glowforge is sourcing cardboard to add into the shop so there’s a consistent source folks can use for settings, then once they do that maybe the lamp will become available.


The whole design team has been all-hands working on another project lately… I can’t wait for it to roll out.


When did you get PG :proofgrade: chocolate? Do you have to take off the shiney masking first to laser it or just before you eat it?


You can eat it. PG has edible gold leaf masking. :wink:


Thinking about the UL cert on light fixtures stating maximum bulb wattage, It occurs to me that the legal talent retained by the company would have issues with the company offering a flammable light shade.
Jacob has the answer on that with ‘Designed for Proofgrade’.