Light Maple Plywood Grain Direction

I just received my order for some proofgrade materials. In that order I had two sheets of 20x12 Light Maple Plywood to try it out. On one sheet the grain runs the long direction (as I expected) but the other one the grain runs the short direction. I’ve never seen that before with PG plywood.

Is it expected that PG plywood can have grain running either direction?

Is it the same both sides?


I don’t believe I have ever seen that either.
@dan has been pretty specific. If proofgrade stock is damaged or not to spec, replacement or refund.

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Thus the reason for my question. Is it ‘not to spec’? :wink:

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I just cut a couple of small “chips” (1"x1") from a sheet of Proofgrade Maple ply I happened to have in the machine and honestly I can’t even tell what direction the grain goes in. That’s why I use a lot of Maple ply (although mostly Purebond these days) - the grain is virtually indistinguishable.

I don’t think “grain direction” is a technical spec.

Just because I like this kind of stuff, I hooked up my USB Microscope. This is about .75" across one of those chips, which way would you say the “grain” is?

We don’t have a specification for which way the grain on Proofgrade hardwoods and plywoods should run—long way is more common, but I’ve definitely seen both, and some variation is expected. Since our Proofgrade wood is all-natural, each board is endowed with a distinctive pattern and grain, and no two boards are alike!