Light Pads are handy

LOL Wut?


the clear advantage of mains power vs batteries, of course. gotta hustle where you may…

Look closer…

So you plug it into a 12V source and it outputs a fluctuating 110V - 220V?

Or does the pad create power so you can supply your house with 110?


Please feel free to add things to this post:

It isn’t a category; but if someone searches for “tips” it should come up.

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ahaha clearly i glanced over that part without paying much attention, it’s probably a funny translation artifact

Yeah, I’d go with translation error. Huion is a Chinese company. I have a drawing tablet from them and saw a few other quirky translations in its manual.

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Great suggestion. We’ll probably have a big recategoryshufflizing around production shipping time so we keep the # of categories small and well defined. And +1 to the idea of contacting @jules, who is organizing some glowfolk-to-glowfolk help.


I’m so looking forward to the “Gallery” category once units are shipping. Possibly it’s own header on the Home page rather than in the forum. :glowforge:

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I had started a thread Voice of Experience but it didn’t go very far.

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There is a wiki thread & section for this now. A few of us have contributed some tips to the tip doc. If I find the link I’ll add it to this post.

Edit: I see it linked above. “Tips for the inexperienced” What’s nice about it being a Wiki is you can update it for everyone else’s benefit. So grab your tip bag and start unloading on that thread! :slight_smile:

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man, me too.


Lol nice…your kingdom for little 1/8" rubber feet…:wink:
I have an eastern facing glass door at my office…I generally do my “light table” work taped up on it in the mornings…lmao.
But I have LEDs as well as light difusing acrylic I guess I could put something together, but where’s the challenge in that…:grin:


using a window works great if you don’t have a lightbox (or, ahem, if your lightbox has become a table surface and you can’t be bothered to move everything off of it). If your window is ground level and faces the parking lot you can pull a vehicle up and use the headlights as backlighting at night.




Ha ha it is…never thought of that one…


I had thought about building a light table into one end of my layout table but expected it would be buried too often. My theory is a portable light pad will live on a shelf under the layout table and only come out when I’m using it. It should arrive tomorrow. I give it until next Friday to get buried.


One advantage of using a computer monitor (with a white blank “picture” displayed) is it never gets buried or used as a horizontal storage surface :slight_smile:


Don’t think I could justify spending time and money making a light table when there’s this…

19" LED Ultra Thin LED Animation Drawing Stencil Board Table Light Box Tattoo Tracing Pad W/Adapter -


Sorry, didn’t read the whole thread, just wanted to pass this along for anyone interested in a low-cost light pad.

Saw this over on the Slickdeals forum… (oops, looks like the very good deal is over and it’s now $25 - still pretty cheap I guess)

And here’s a review overview of one…