Light Saber Layered

I actually bought it on Etsy. The guy has some really nice looking light saber designs, so I asked if he had Darth Maul. He designed it for me.

I’m not sure what you mean by guide pins. Is that something like a dowel you put down the center to align all the discs?

I was thinking 1/8 inch, either MDF or acrylic.

Are you slicing it into discs, or the long way, into vertical slices?

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Yeah you got it with the guide pins, like tooth picks or chop sticks to help align the layers. Would need the thickness (edit: of the material) as accurate as you can measure because the error would add up across lots of layers, down to the 0.000" if possible. Can slice it any direction you want but because it is a purchased file there might be some issues sending it to me even tho i would probably never use it beyond helping you here. If its an issue and you are able to download the program i mentioned before i could walk you through it step by step to get you where you need to go.

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She was always bummed she never was able to find “named” items with Celeste on it.

key chains, license plates for your bike etc.

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Me too! Never had personalized pencils, hair barrettes, nothing!

I’m assuming it would be best to have one guide pin for the entire length? I’ll look for a thin dowel. I have bamboo skewers, but I am not sure they would be long enough.

I would not go with a thin dowel. I would go with a 1/2" or so. between that and gluing all of the discs together, you’ll end up with something very strong.

Here’s a tutorial on how to do this sort of thing…

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