Light stand thing

Still working on the details… But an idea of something I want to make.
I call it the “GF HQ mini tower”


This could be turned into a really cool lamp by using a vertical tube of solid acrilyc up the middle. With only a few small or 1 large LED at the bottom and the top capped off with reflective surface. As long as all the acrilyc mating surfaces stay polished your light transfer will extend to all of the horizontal fins of acrilyc. Would look really neat.


Or a lathe turned alabaster vessel with a light inside it, right @spike? :smile:

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Ya got me.

My first thought was new glowforge world headquarters building dominating the Seattle skyline. If you’re going to make lasers for a living you may as well have a building that reflects a certain amount of attitude.


Somewhere in my lamp parts collectection are a few vintage alabaster shades I scavenged out of a dumpster in Philadelphia. Every few years I dig them up and stick a light bulb under them. They are so pretty when lit up that I have never been able to make appropriate bases.

Love to see the plans for that!

@dan As soon as I finish it, you will be welcome to them.
I am trying to think of the best way to join the “floors”.

I’ve been working on a similar idea but with vertical acrylic pieces. I plan on using some NeoPixel LEDs at the bottom for light source. Plus a Photon as the control board so i can use IFTTT to trigger some notification light sequences. I’ll post some plans once i work out my base.

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Almost looks like the Eye of Sauron… :slight_smile:

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Finished the design (or I think I did)
@dan Do you want the Rhino file?
I still have to lay out the curves for best cutting. You know, Set up nesting cuts and stuff…

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@dan Here is the file in ai, I hope it works?
spiketower.AI (281.3 KB)

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Very cool! I know @kevinmcvey was admiring too.

Did you actually design for a lamp, or is this intended to be left un-illuminated?

@dan No lamp for now, but if I can source a good/safe one, I will change the design as needed.
It’s more of a puzzle/art thing right now.
But, as you can see from this image, it is hollow to allow for that.

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The textures on that rendering look awesome! Are you rendering straight from Rhino?

Thanks, Yes 100% Rhino5. The renderer (is that a word) is a little slow, but seems to be pretty good. I used to use Flamingo, but lost that when I upgraded

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Renderer is most certainly a word in my vocabulary :wink: That’s great to see, I never messed around with Rhino 5’s rendering capabilities that much! Thanks!

@steph_ I used a default “cherry” material for the wood, made a quick transparent plastic for the rest, and added 2 point lights with a black background. Nothing fancy.

Very cool- it’s great to see that you can get good renders out of Rhino without having to use any plugins! Maxwell was the bane of my existence back at school until I discovered the Vray plugin for SketchUp.

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