Light turning orange and prints running off course

We have had this Glowforge for 6 months (it was a replacement for our original Glowforge that also had issues). The machine starts to print like you see on the computer and the light turns orange. At first the laser head seems to get jammed in one spot in the middle of printing. Now after the laserhead moves to measure the material the head will get stuck in one spot, it will not move and the light will turn orange. It will not go back to home position now. I’ve restarted the machine several times, over and over. I’ve cleaned everything. I’ve made sure all the connections are secure. I’ve ran through all of GF troubleshooting checklist. Someone suggested we try putting oil on the wheels, that didn’t work. Glowforge is willing to replace again but is charging $1200. Feels like a steep price considering we just paid to replace this same machine 6 months ago. We are hoping to be able to fix it to avoid the expense, anyone have suggestions? Thanks!

Is there any chance the x-axis belt is twisted/looped? Did this problem start after cleaning the air assist fan?

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