Lightly Used Glowforge Plus for sale, Peoria IL

I have a lightly used glow forge that I would like to sell. Used less than 20 hours. Purchased for our store and quickly realized it was not fast enough for us to use of the way we anticipated with high volume. Works perfectly and I have the original box and packaging. Would probably prefer pick up in Peoria IL. Asking $3400 and that includes quite a few glow forge MDF blanks.

Sorry it didn’t work out for you! Good luck with the sale - I updated your title so that people who scan will see the location :slight_smile:

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Not about the sale, but funny that in this is the second day in a row that cities I used to live in are mentioned! My first engineering job out of college was with Cat & started with a great apt in one of the old grain baron mansions on Moss Ave until I got my own cute little house near Memorial Stadium–after 7 years was glad to move back to the NW, but I did enjoy my time in Peoria & stayed longer than I expected! (the mention yesterday was of Eugene,OR–which is where I moved to from Peoria–until I worked my way back up to Puget Sound).

And sorry the GF didn’t work out for you–but a good problem for your business to need a machine designed for higher capacity/volume!


If I could afford another one I’d snatch it up. I’m about 10 miles from you. :slight_smile:


If I was closer, I’d take it.

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