Line engraving issue

I’ve having issues where my laser is engraving jaggity lines when printing out my design. The odd part is I’ve been using the same settings, same digital file, focusing before printing, cleaning my lens, etc. it doesn’t make sense why all of a sudden it’s not printing a clean line. Can anyone share any advice on what the issue might be? Glowforge support unfortunately can’t seem to figure out the problem either.


Posting here has opened another support ticket, so if you are already working with them by email, they will close this discussion.

With that said, it looks like a LPI mismatch. I assume this was a bitmap engrave. What is the resolution of the file, and what LPI did you use?

I’ve moved this to Everything Else so that they don’t close it.

Cany you upload your art file and let us know what settings you’re using? and maybe a picture of one from before so we can see exactly how it has changed?

Yes, I thought the image was uploaded see attached

I meant an image of one you consider good - so we can see what it is you don’t like about this one.

This is an image showing How I inserted a watch band and how the printing quality diminished after getting to the longer side. You’ll notice there are not many lines on the shorter band part, and more lines on the longer side

Ah I see now - It’s very subtle in the photo so I was taking it as a lighting difference.

Is the art you used for that top skull the exact same image - or do you have two different images?

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.