Line skips

This happens to me on cuts pretty frequently. Anyone else?
I use Illustrator and save as svgs. Everything I cut is pretty straightforward. Usually they are small cuts, so if one is messed up, it’s not a huge deal. But with larger cuts, it’s a huge waste of material and time. I just replaced my carriage wheels and cleaned everything while I had the machine apart, so I’m not sure why this happens. For these images, I am cutting on 1/8th laser safe plywood from johnsons plastics, but it has happened on other materials, too. Am I missing something?

“laser-safe” doesn’t always mean “cuts well”. This looks like a inclusion/void issue with the wood. Likely some kind of adhesive in the center layers that does not cut well.

here is a post I wrote a while back about inspecting plywood:

and another from @evansd2 that explains the issue a little better than I did:


Hay thanks for posting it here. I have that same issue not often but it does show up now and then. I never thought about inspecting the wood. I will now.


Thank you! I will try that next time and mark those areas first.


Another thing to keep in mind- it’s always better to pull your cut pieces up while carefully holding the surrounding wood onto the bed (honeycomb holddown pins are great for this) - because that way if you turn it over and find a missed cut, especially like the first one, you can put your piece back in and line a cut up based on your pattern in the GFUI.

Warning - DO NOT move the pattern in your GFUI - it’s going to be perfect if you didn’t move the material and you don’t move the pattern. Just add a cut line for the area you want to do an additional cut.

If it turns out your wood is included and it won’t ever cut that won’t help - but for minor just didn’t cut all the way through issues it’s a super saver!


Does that line in the first picture show in the GFUI?
I have sometimes problems that polylines don’t show up in the GFUI!

Oh no, I’m sorry you’ve hit a snag!

Our forum users have provided some excellent feedback, I would recommend working through @jbv’s steps.

I’m going to move this post to Beyond the Manual so other folks here can help. Should this happen with a print on Proofgrade materials, please open a new ticket in Problems and Support and we’ll help you right away!


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