Linear slides for future projects

I was rootin’ around the basement yesterday when I came across some long forgotten toys. I retired from the engineering department of Modine Manufacturing. While I was there, every time we redesigned a machine or process, we would end up with perfectly good parts that were discarded or sold to employees at auction. The 8 foot slide was only 2 weeks old when then discarded it (they payed over $20,000 it and was just going to be thrown in the scrap metal bin to be melted down. My plan way back then was to build me a large CNC router/laser when I had some extra time. Ten years later I’m still looking for that spare time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

3 foot slide

4 - 4 foot slides (2 with steppers)

4 foot pneumatic slide.
Not pictured are 4 - 2 foot slides and 1 - 8 foot slide.


Lucky you. when I root around in my basement I find most dust and worse. Nothing fun like this.


I have a few items like that, they were much too good for the trash. I hope to live long enough to find an inspired use for them.


Wow, fancy! I just don’t have a concept of what you would do with something like that. Can you show an example?

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Just the thing for having your Glowforge pro near to the wall most of the time but able to slide into the room when working on a longer piece,

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Not my video, but this will give you an idea of what I could do with them.


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