Link for Manual Appears to be Broken

After receiving our email that our Glowforge will be shipping to us, we have been exploring and reading everything in the email and the links it leads to. When I click on the link for the manual, I just get a blank browser that swirls and swirls but never loads. Thoughts?

I am able to access it, but it was fairly slow on my mobile.

Thank you so much for those details. Just in case, you can find the manual here: If that still isn’t working, we’ll need a bit more information to investigate. Please do the following:

Go to
Click the button that says “Link”
Copy the highlighted link
Reply to this, and paste in the link provided

This will help us understand the circumstances around your error so we can work on it for you.

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I am reading the manual safety section. The part about operating temperature ranges is worded oddly.

It starts off with the sentence, “Print when the ambient temperature is within the following ranges.” it then gives the ranges as the conditions in which you should NOT print.


Cant believe i am reading the manual without an actual glowforge! i am so desperate…FML


I can’t believe I have read over 150k posts and still don’t have my Glowforge. It was nice to get the pre-release and all, but I know I have been way more careful with their machine than I would with mine. And other than a few tasteful stickers, I’ve not skinned the case or anything like that.


Well if usefulness to our community was their only criterion, you would surely have your machine by now. I have to believe it’s very close. I certainly hope so!


I hope you got your email though? Your contributions have been absolutely fantastic (and you and Jim are really getting me antsy on building a pizza oven :smile:)


Thanks for catching that. We’ll take a look.

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I think that’s only thing I’ve ever read from you that could be remotely considered to be a complaint. And that says a lot, I’d say. SOMEBODY GET THIS MAN HIS GLOWFORGE!


he was quite bothered by…the tube thing, maybe? but agree.


I ditto that…and Tom, seems if they listen to anyone, it’s you. You were very upfront about that for me, too…and it worked! Ha ha! :wink: :rofl:


Yes. I was tongue in cheek and crabby with that. I’ll wait as long as it takes. Mainly put as perspective on all the complaints about shipping and out of order deliveries and all the drama. It’s a friggin’ machine. Not worth getting upset over. Life is complicated. Figure out who you trust and stick with them. If you don’t trust, well then take your business elsewhere. Everyone has agency in this deal. Some people have different kinds of agency. The most powerful agency is physics and the complexity of all human endeavors.

This forum has been open for all to read from before the orders began. Dan communicates effectively and copiously. This forum has revealed lots about the laser. 95 percent of what you need to know was on this forum a year ago. The Glowforge pre-release did more than 95 % of what most people would every expect to get out of a 40 watt laser. So what if the cooling isn’t from unicorn tears and the CO2 in the tube isn’t captured from the Dalai Lama’s exhales. If it works out great. If not, we’ll all get our money back and the poor schmucks who invested their careers in this project are set back ten years.

In the meanwhile I have learned more about lasers and lots of other things and found some good company that I’d like to stick around with. It’s a fair trade.


Well said! I do hope yours arrives soon–you’ve contributed so much and been so generous with your time and talent. In fact, I’ll be testing your pencil jig Monday. :blush:


Let me know if you need anything! And have a great school year!


Thanks again for the feedback @johnse - we’ve updated the manual. @lewis, if you’re still having trouble accessing it, please let us know.


Glad to help! Thanks for fixing it.

Loads right up now. I was able to load from the link above right away. It wasn’t until today that I could load from the link on the …shipping/complete page from my pc

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