Linking elements of a file to be printed

I am interested in knowing if and how I might link elements of my glowforge svg files I want to cut. I am currently working on a map that has various elements that are vector files. I load the file as a unit but the glowforge sees maybe five separate elements. I can select the e entire group and size or move them, but if I miss one element it throws everything off. The difficulty is increased when I do a pass through with a large drawing. Can I link these disassociated elements once it is opened in my glowforge so it acts as one object and not many objects? Thank you for your assistance! Tom

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Select all of your design and command g will group it.

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Control-a, or using your mouse to draw a large box over all of it will do this with no chance of missing any pieces.

Thank you for this tip… I believe the command key may be an apple keyboard feature. Is there an equivalent shortcut on a pc? As you can tell, I’m a bit behind the curve. There may be a drop down menu item also? I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to check this out. Little by little I’m learning more about this great tool.

Command is the Apple version of Control on PC computers - it’s sometimes shortened to Ctrl - but it’s to the left and the right of your spacebar normally.

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After you draw a rectangle around all elements, click the total selected and you will get the fly out menu as shown in this photo. Select group.

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For your future reference, you can find a list of keyboard shortcuts on the Support pages here:


This looks like what I was looking for. Grouping the selected items. I will also try the shortcuts suggested. You have all been very helpful. Much appreciated!


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