Little Domino box gets a reboot

I had a little box in the basement from a set of dominos. Cut a tree design in the top of it. I really liked the way it turned out, unfortunately, it met an untimely demise. My brother had taken it to show to people, and he got attacked by some guys trying to steal his car. He is ok ( a little banged up) and they didn’t get his car, but the little box got destroyed in the scuffle.!! I used the settings for basswood, and it worked like a charm.MVIMG_20180414_083727|690x319


That looks great! And I’m glad your brother is ok!


Looks great! Glad to hear your brother is okay too.

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The box is beautiful, and I’m glad your brother prevailed! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Did the “wanna-be” thieves survive the encounter?

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Nice box! I hope that thief got splinters!


Eeeek! I love the box lid, but hope that’s not blood on the box.


That is really pretty.
Also, eff those guys.

Sorry about your brother. The box looks great!

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Nice job on the box. Scary event for your brother, glad he’s ok.

The wannabe theives ll ran away, but dropped a hat, which led the police to the door of one of them, and he sang like a canary. All are now in jail.


Unfortunately, it is. But it was just a flesh wound.

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