Little Fan

I had a small fire a few weeks ago and melted this little fan (right). I found a replacement suggestion in this group (can’t remember who). The replacement (left) came in but the connector is too big. Does anyone have a link to the really correct one or suggestions on how to DIY it? Really odd that GF doesn’t sell this imo.

The correct part is the THA0412AD, it’s written on your old one:

I’m not sure if it will arrive with the correct connector… you might be able to salvage the connector from the old one if you’re handy. There are tutorials about how to do it all over the web.

Which model is your new fan?


It looks like the connector on the old fan is a JST type connector. They have about a hundred sizes of these connectors, so you have to find the one that works for you. I suspect it is an XH though I can’t tell for sure. Once you have the proper series connector, you have to buy the connector and the pins and the crimp tool for the pins. Then cut off the old connector and crimp on the new pins and insert them into the connector. It will be easier to just get a new fan unless you already have the tools.

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I sell factory replacement air-assist fans and the components required to repair the connector itself.

The complete replacement fan assembly, with the correct length harness and correct connector, sells for $25.00. The crimp terminals and replacement connector housing are $5.00 for a set of 6 pins and one connector housing (4 required and 2 extra because most people mess up at least one terminal during the process).

Message me if you’re interested.


my burned how can i order it ASAP . I have a vendor event the 10th. so desperate here
thank Tania

Please open a support ticket, either by emailing support or opening a new topic under Problems and Support.

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I’ve sent you a direct message.

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Hi there, I was wondering if you still have the air assist replacement fans kits available? Mine stopped working and I’m stuck with an orange light and zero response from glowforge.

Sorry for the delayed response. Moving to Hawaii has sucked up all my time lately…

Yes, I sell replacement air-assist fans, they are an upgraded version of the one originally equipped and carry increased dust and liquid resistance rating. They are priced at $40.00, plus shipping.