Little Jars? Storing Methylene Chloride

It was either $5 for 55ml, or $24 for 1 litre (1000ml), will I ever use this much? Who knows.

Given how dangerous this chemical is so to reduce handling, I want to pour some in a small jar to use and keep it stored there.

Anyone suggestion to buy wide mouth shallow glass jars with metal lids to transfer? Should it be brown glass? Looking for quality supplier with a good lid seal. Or any other suggestions to store safely?

That bottle is horrible. When the liquid level was lower then the syringe tip, I had transfer it on a plate to siphon; it evaporates so quickly. I’ve spilled it before. Lucky a small amount exposure is not likely cause health issue (but still) A jar will allow room for me to get what I need and close with minimal chance for spillage.

What do you use this for?

Welding acylic together

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It is a pretty strong solvent. For years it was the main ingredient in paint strippers. I used to get barrels of it at a time for refinishing antiques. It’s nasty stuff, but with proper ventilation and PPE it can be used safely, however the EPA didn’t think so and banned it last year from use in consumer products.

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