Little Mermaid earrings


We’ve had the Glowforge (it’s name is Festus…any Rick Riordan fans out there?) for less than 24 hours. My daughter (age 13) made these Little Mermaid earrings. She’s playing Ariel in her theater company’s production of the musical in May. She’s already been making jewelry, so she had the metal parts ready to go. The original drawing was almost full page with a sharpie.




Wow, what a great job on them! (She has mad skillz!) :sunglasses:


She has a great future ahead of her.




Ohhh delightful! I never thought of this… I will have to do something similar to this for my niece. :smiley:


I’m sure she’s thrilled! Came out great!


My daughter is grown…and I’m soo glad she isn’t looking at this.