Live Long Magnet / Retirement Fidget / Sugar Monsters - Oh My!


My weekend projects …

Live Long engraved on Medium Proofgrade Maple Plywood, and attached a magnet to the back.

Steve Surber is retired … nothing to do … but fidget! (For husband’s friend who’s retiring). Thank you to @Chris1 for the file!

Have been excited to make the Sugar Monster from the catalog … he was so cute … made two more! Medium Draftboard and acrylic paint.


Those are all awesome. People that can lay out/make art from type though blow my mind.


Unfortunately … I found that one on the web. Had to make it for my husband … a huge Star Trek fan!



Fantastic projects! (And great paint job on the sugar monster…I picked that one up too, just haven’t had a chance to make him yet!) :grinning: :rabbit: :rabbit2: babies babiesbabies babies


We are so alike @ptodd! I saw this exact design yesterday ago and thought it was awesome. I meant to save the link but got distracted and lost it. Now that I see all lasered, up I’m definitely gonna make it for my Trekgeek brother


Love it! Retirement fidget spinner is awesome! :grin:


Nice projects, and I think a retirement fidget spinner is an outstanding idea!


Great projects!