Live Seminar Video: Designing in Inkscape for the Glowforge

Live Design Seminar: Filament Spool Holder
Kevin Arne, Makerspace Manager at Decatur Makers (, presents a beginning-to-end design and creation of a spool holder for 3D printer filament.

I really enjoyed this thoughtful walk through and the opportunity to slow/stop/repeat the video to follow along.


It is always double nice when a persons first post is something nice and useful. I have it queued up for later.


Yep me too! Welcome to the forum. :smile:


Nice share!

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Thanks for the link!

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Very nice link. I started watching it. I don’t have time right now for the whole thing but I’m going to make sure I watch it to the end. Even though I do ( aka: struggle through) some designing like this in Inkscape it is great to watch someone else doing it. I’m sure I’m going to pick up a ton of good info.
Thank You!

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Welcome to the forum! Thank you for the link!

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