Live stream files

I own a GlowForge pro. Is it possible to get the files that are demonstrated on the live stream? I would really like the large planter that was demonstrated in June but would love them all. At that time, I didn’t own mine. I did receive the follow-up email that contained the small box but the framework link was included in the chat area and I cannot find it now.

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I’m going to move your post over to the everything else section as free laser designs section is for posting free designs you are offering the community

As far as I can tell, those freebie files that they offer during the sales promotions are a limited time offering. They are only put up for a short while, and you need to download them then.
(I missed one a few months ago that I’d like to have too. No fun.)

But there is something you might not be aware of…they tend to load these little Easter Egg type freebie files into the little Dashboard Gift Box next to your name periodically. When there is a new freebie in there, a little red dot appears above the box. Be sure to check it when you see the red dot.


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