Livestreaming my Pro arrival on Monday

It’s real. It’s really real. I’m so excited. I’m currently on a flight back to NY from SFO. I’ll get home shortly before midnight, then I’ll be getting up at 5AM to prepare. I have to move a whole bunch of furniture in my basement in time for the electricians to show up at 8AM and start putting in the circuit for my Glowforge. Meanwhile I’ll be trying to work from home catching up on a week out of town, preparing for a transition to a new team next week, working on a presentation for tomorrow, and doing performince reviews. Just slightly busy. And the power will be off for some of that time, so we’ll see how that goes.

At some point UPS will show up. I may have to stop what I’m doing to unpack the box and check for damage. But the real first run experience will have to wait until I’ve got all my work done, the electricians have got all their work done, and I’ve managed to cobble together a temporary workspace for it to sit on. I was expecting to have more time to buy furniture (not that I’m complaining).

Sorry this turned into sort of a brain dump. I’m super excited about this and at the same time I couldn’t possibly have less time available to deal with it. But to get to the point, if you’ve read this far: I will post a link here to the YouTube live stream unboxing and first run. It will probably be early evening US/Eastern time. I’ll do my best to try to answer questions and try things out that people want to see. I think this being a non-beta, non-prerelease, there’s no longer any kind of NDA, let me know if I’m wrong.

I’m probably vastly overestimating how much I’ll be able to get done tomorrow. It’ll probably just be hours of me plugging things in and pottering around with the software, but I’m hoping I’m able to make with the pew-pew as soon as possible.


Congrats excited for you


Really excited for you, and looking forward to catching the video (and maybe even the stream, God willing and the baby don’t cry.)


I’ll be watching for this! Congrats and I hope it all goes well. Hope you can get some sleep tonight.


I’m so excited for you!

Reading your plan, I thought, “this guy thinks like a Google SRE.”


That’s awesome. If you throw in your YouTube or twitch username, we could all just subscribe and have our phones ding us when you’re ready to go.


@chris1 I hope you’re up and moving this morning and all goes well for your today. Having received my six weeks or less notification on Friday, I know how the anticipation builds. Reading your note also caused me to go back through my mental check list of preparation; electrical work (done), space for the Glowforge (needs to be cleared off), materials (several, but could always have more), and designs (this is where I really need to focus).

Looking forward to seeing your un-boxing video.


It does sound like a busy day! Will go quickly! Looking forward to your YouTube post.

A short before video:


Wow, you have a very nice basement workshop! Mine is so primitive in comparison. So take comfort in the knowledge that even if it’s not a perfect setup, your Glowforge will still work great.

According to other posts on the forum, the lid-open height is 29", so out with these shelves.


Yes, but remember that you only need that height if you raise the lid a full 90 degrees (which I rarely do). And you can always drop the front door down to get access to the interior.


Love your Altair 8800!

Wow, your definition of a messy workshop is way different than mine.


i have the same ikea desk that my GF will live on.

Something’s happening!


Wahoo! Yes that does look suspiciously like something.

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I have boxes! Like everyone else, I’m missing handles and UPS cares not one whit about this end up arrows, but otherwise it looks to be relatively un-run-over or stabbed with a forklift.


Squishy is very excited about the new pew!pew! machine.

Ironically, the electricians have just reached the point where my router gets powered down, so the live stream will have to wait until they’re all done. I’m going to resist peeking in the box until I can do it on video.


Hi Squishy!