Living Hinge Design is FINE in Illustrator But Exporting All... Janky

I just save the AI file, not sure I understand what saving the SVG does that the AI doesn’t

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I save the AI too, but the SVG is the “exact” file I’ve fed to the GF. I often re-purpose or continue developing my AI files.

Ah, ok, more an iteration. I just save as w illustrator. Takes more space, but it’s more in line with my non-GF workflow.


That’s fabulous! Glad they got it working for you.

Are you ok with folks (read: me) trying it out? It’s not like you posted the file in the Free Laser Designs, you posted it for QA purposes only, so I thought I’d double check :smiley:

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Oh, please do Deirdre!
That’s a great idea - I will put it up in the Free Design Section, too!


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