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Hi Everyone,

Just a general question, for those of you in the bay area, where do you go to get your laser materials?

left it very general purposefully. So far I’ve done all my shopping online, but there’s still part of me that would rather see and touch what I’m buying first, especially if I’m new to the craft.


Have to follow this post. I’m in the Sacramento area myself but would be willing to travel and also see and touch materials first hand also. Locally, I go to TAP Plastics but as I see more exotic shades and colors of acrylic, wood, etc I’d love to have a more local connection.

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exactly my thinking

I’m in Stockton and I do a lot of acrylic. Tap has been an amazing resource for me, but I’ve gone to the ones in Sacramento and was not nearly as impressed. The local place sells scrap for $1 for 7"x10" but the stores can all do scrap a bit differently so it can be hit or miss. I’ve gotten to know the local employees and they always give me great deals and will even set aside the material they know I covet. (For what ever reason though in the last few months they have had very little colored material in the scrap bin and it’s been mostly clear.) I know there’s a TAP in San Jose that you should visit if you haven’t already.

I’d love to find a good source for wood though!

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go figure, the closest TAP Plastics to me is closed forever…

there’s still another one in San Jose not too far, but just far enough I can’t go whenever I want

Definitely TAP. I’ve gotten some ply at regular hardware stores, but nothing impressive. There are a few model train stores that have some selection for their models. The fancy dancy wood supply place I know about is MacBeath Hardwood in Berkeley

…but honestly as I get better prices paying shipping from cheaper locations than I do buying locally… :frowning:

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Wait WHAT? I was just there a couple weeks ago!!!

If that was your closest, the one in Fremont may be easier to get to than the one in SJ…

I work in Mountainview but live in SJ, in terms of access, I basically live at work lol

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I get my local acrylic from Mr Plastics in San Leandro. I found their pricing for a full sheet, cut into GF sizes better than TAP. They only sell full sheets cut, vs a mix.

But I get 90% of my acrylic from Amanda @ Cerulean Tides in FL. I can get 22 sheets sent in a Flat Rate box and a mix of colors. She’s a member of the FB GUG.


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