Lockable cabinet for Glowforge?

I am using the Glowforge in a high school classroom. Can anyone recommend a lockable cabinet that I can secure it in?

Is this high school? If so, I’d recommend getting with a shop class (if yours has one, or maybe another school in the district?) and solicit a project for them to design and create a “cover” that you can secure over the GF and locks it on/over the table when it’s not in use.

Else there was another thread a fellow built a cabinet with his GF on a drawer and to which you could add doors to lock it.

Is your goal to keep it out of view when not in use, or just prevents use? If the latter, you may not need a full cabinet, but maybe just a couple straps to prevent the lid from being opened…

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Major hardware stores and some department stores have many options for lockable storage cabinets, made from metal, wood, or resin. Ikea and other furniture stores as well. It depends on the level of security needed.

Without any details, it’s hard to make a specific recommendation.

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I am kind of a quick and dirty solution kind of person. I would simply remove the power cord and lock that up or a simple bike lock type cable encircling the body of the Glowforge so the lid won’t open.

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It’s a standard desktop computer or laptop power supply cord. A cable lock would slide off either side.If security is the issue, the average high school student wouldn’t have much of a problem defeating those.

If it’s a Pro model just remove the staple.


Then lock it up in a cabinet so you don’t lose it! :wink: :smile:

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I wouldn’t want to be regularly removing and reinserting the staple. But if one wanted to get fancy… there is always the option to build an interlock switch out of, say, this part and any key switch. These are fun.

I hooked a “Stop” button up to my Glowforge this way. It’s not a proper e-stop, that would have to cut the power and get into all kinds of safety issues. But as a quick way to cancel a job, it works. With a key, it could be used to stop people from using the Glowforge. It won’t, however, stop them from messing with it and potentially breaking it, which I imagine is part of the concern around high school students.


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