Locking down the crumb tray

Does anyone have a good way of locking the crumb tray in place? I’m about to get some drywall screws and go to town with it. Even with the tray in the divots, there is a considerable amount of slop.

Working with the passthrough last night I noticed that the crumb tray has about a 1-2mm play in all directions. Not good when you are using the passthrough with long stock! Maybe hot melt glue?

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I don’t key off the tray. I made a couple of spacer strips that butt up against the case to use as a sliding edge guides and placement jig. Although I don’t have the issue you’re experiencing with tray movement - I did it because I wasn’t sure I’d get it in exactly the same place when I pull it out & I do a fair amount of stuff with the tray removed.


I’m using that setup as well, I taped my spacer strip along the edge so it can be flipped over and out of the way when not in use.

BTW. I used Hot Snot to lock it down for now.

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I put the crumb tray all the way to the front and the front door seems to lock it in place when I close it. I have the opposite problem, does not seem to want to move at all! :slight_smile:


Mine doesn’t shift at all when the passthrough shields are in place. But that’s not generally when you need it to not shift.

I just stuck some double sided tape down and it’s not going anywhere.

All I had for double sided was the scotch tape version and a foam version. I didn’t think this scotch would hold, and thought the foam might mess with focus.

Well, that was probably misleading…my bad. Should have said I doubled up some masking tape on itself and just used that. It worked fine for the amount of time that I needed to make sure that the tray didn’t jiggle for the passthrough work.

And I think I was trying to make the passthrough stuff too hard - for the last bits I was just jamming the material tight against the right lip on the tray and getting from perfect to “half a hair width” perfect results.

Anyhoo…the tape worked fine, and it’s temporary. I don’t have a lot of supersized projects lined up.


I noticed that the edge that is butted up against your fence also needs to be dead straight as well.