Locking focus

Using an unlicensed material and manual focus, is there any way AFTER the manual focus to LOCK THAT FOCUS for the material? In short runs, every time you go to print again you loose valuable time as the unit goes through “Focusing on Material” when you print. Or you lose valuable time in between jobs hitting SET FOCUS repeatedly for each job, though focus height is the same. Is there a trick I don’t know to do this? Can you make your own library of uncertified materials with their detailed properties preset, such as focus height and presets you’ve made for your self-certified material? Any insight or assistance is welcome.


The machine always goes thru that cycle even if you have a manual focus height set.

It was asked for many times and ignored. You could certainly contact support and ask (again) but this goes back years.


Yes you can save your own material settings, but it doesn’t stop the machine from going through the autofocus routine every time the lid is opened/lowered.


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