Locking object

I want to know if there’s a way from keeping objects from moving why are you working on the layout I play some and then all of a sudden I touch them and they move just a little bit and screws everything up I want to lock them down where I can move them once I place them them


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Not sure what you’re asking. Are you talking about moving physical items on your tray? Or moving designs in your design app?

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I workaround this in a couple of different ways depending on the circumstances. The other day I was making earrings with a piece of scrap (there were lots of good spots to cut earrings from but they were all spread out ) it took forever to do. There’s no easy fix, but I use undo a lot. :rofl: However, the more you work in the dashboard, you kind of find ways to select things in different ways to minimize how much that happens. For me, sometimes it’s the angle I’m approaching the object I need to select. Other times, I have just selected the objects that are in my way and then clicked my arrow key and moved them over, making a mental note of how many clicks of the arrow I hit. then it’s easy to put it back again.

If I am using my own designs that I’ve uploaded, and I’m NOT working around wonky spaces, then I sometimes just go back to Illustrator, make a canvas the size of the space I have to work with, then place everything the way I need it, and then reupload the design to the GF dashboard.

So no easy solutions to give you but maybe these workarounds will spark some ideas for you.

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