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I’m sad to say that


Basically a five variable Venn diagram


Where are the complements. E.g. is not A the square to the left of A or the square above A?


A is horizontal i.e. The lower half of the largest square
B is vertical i.e. The right hand side of the largest square


Erm… Is this about sport? :soccer:


Give this post a few moments and it will get derailed into pretty much any topic… So all answers are right… :smiley:


Nope :grin: Just frittering my time until I get my GF :slightly_smiling_face:


Is it a puzzle you are expecting an answer to or just an interesting example?


It’s the meaning of life, explained mathematically.


42 is already mathematical.




Just an example, it is the whole logic down to the answer :slightly_smiling_face:



Or you can solve using Boolean algebra:


I can try what is the bar symbol over some letters are they NOT? Is the plus sign OR ? If two letters are next to each other is it AND? What does +0 mean?

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Oh duh!!! That is not a different puzzle! It is the same one :grin: Doh!!


That drawing is awesome!! Would love to laser slate it (when my GF arrives)


β€œmultiplication” = AND
"addition" = OR
"overbar" = NOT ( Note an apostrophe is also sometimes used for NOT )
β€œ1” = TRUE
"0" = FALSE

Then, the basic rules:
X AND X = X ( XX = X )
X AND NOT X = 0 ( XX’ = 0 )
X AND TRUE = X ( X 1 = X )
X AND FALSE = FALSE ( X 0 = 0 )
X OR X = X ( X + X = X )
X OR NOT X = TRUE ( X + X’ = 1 )
X OR TRUE = TRUE ( X + 1 = 1 )
X OR FALSE = X ( X + 0 = X )

After that, it works just like "ordinary algebra’!


I’ll try to remember to get you the vector when I’m at my desktop