Logo Coasters

My daughter and son in law’s store opens tomorrow (after 2 1/2 years). So proud of my daughter! So I made these coasters for them to use at home.


Assume that’s baltic? Looks like you ablated the entire top layer and hit the nougaty center. Nice and dark, I like it.


Yep, Baltic from Amazon. I actually just dragged the image in from the net, didn’t do anything to it, and added a circle to cut it out.

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Oh, awesome! And congrats to the kids! :grinning:

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Thanks!! We are all super excited for them.


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I think you need to go into mass production so they can use the coasters for their customers!

I’d love to, but when I first suggested making some coasters for her, she said no, because they can’t have anything in the store that doesn’t come from corporate. It was only when I said she could use them at home that she accepted. She loved them when I brought them to her on Saturday. :slight_smile:


Very nice job on the engraving!

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They must be so excited! The coasters will be well loved!