Logo on a mirror

I bought some mirror tiles at IKEA yesterday to experiment a bit… Here’s the outcome. Lasered in 3 batches, removing the previous infill in some cases, then painted the back with acrylic. I’m quite pleased with the result…


You’re lasering the second surface or first surface?

Good ideal, definitely would like to try too.

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I’d assume he lasered the back of the mirror to remove the reflective surface, then painted it.


You’d assume correctly :wink:


Another great technique! :grinning:

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Nice! I have a couple of little mirrors in my experimentation pile, and have played a little with front side engraving, but I hadn’t gotten to their backsides yet. You’ve motivated me!

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Wow, looks great!

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Really nice turnout!

I love how this turned out. Layering the colors opens so many options… Now my brain hurts…

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